tektro1257.jpgThere are a two primary methods to hang your front brake cable on your cross bike. There’s the fork yoke which bolts onto the font of the fork crown. The advantages are that you don’t need a housing stop on the headset (and it’s associated stack height). It can also improve cable routing by letting the cable get around even a low handlebar stem without a sharp kink. cable_hanger.gifThe disadvantages are that you can’t run a high straddle and if your fork isn’t drilled, you’re out of luck. Then there’s the traditional headset mounted cable stops. They allow practically unlimited straddle cable height. As were alluded to above, the disadvantages are increased stack height and the potential for some pretty nasty cable bends.

Well, there’s a third alternative. Use a cable hanger designed to fit on the seat post binder bolt and bolt it onto one of the stem faceplate bolts. You can usually get much better cable routing with this setup than with the headset mounted cable hangers and it allows plenty of straddle adjustment. It’s lighter than either of the other two alternatives as well.

I’ve taken a few photos of my setup on the pit bike. They’re part of the slide show in this post. Here’s a close up:

Cable hanger

You can buy them at Nashbar.

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  1. josh says:

    thats a rather good idea….makes me wish I’d ordered a pair of them instead of just one…..however I am a fan of routing the cable up and over the stem and then back down to the hanger (i use the one that goes on your steerer tube).

    I also notice you run your cables reversed (rear brake controlled by left hand, front my right hand). how do you like it?

  2. Brooke says:

    About the reversed brake levers … I bought into the cyclocross conventional wisdom about running them reversed so that you can modulate speed with the rear brake while going into the barriers with your right hand on the top tube. I think it was a bigger deal when I was running top mounts and was more timid going into the barriers. Now, I modulate speed in advance and try to keep as much speed as I can. I could run them the conventional way now except I’m so used to the setup, I don’t want to swap.

  3. Ted Packard says:

    Another solution which I have only seen on the web is this headset which includes the brake hanger


  4. Brooke says:

    Ted, that headset looks like a pretty good idea. Thanks for linking it.

  5. Greg says:

    Cool thread Brook. That stem-face hanger style was very popular in the Rabobank mechanics over the years on those wide Cinelli stems the use. The hang up is related to people who prefer to port the bike around the front of the head tube (“Belgian” style) versus under the down tube (“Dutch” style). It made it very difficult to do this as it was uncomfortable for the most part. You do not see this a lot these days….at least in my opinion and from what I’ve observed.

  6. Greg says:

    Sorry: Brooke! I jacked up your name above!!

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