Team leader Bill puts on a Wednesday workout. Lately it’s been happening during lunch time at a park conveniently close to work so I have been attending each week. He has each workout scripted on his Garmin unit so we move from one activity to the next in a crisp, regimented fashion. The script keeps things moving well. The basic format is pretty much the same from week to week with occasional tweaks:

  1. Take a couple of laps around the “course” to learn it. There is nothing terribly technical since it’s supposed to be a workout, not skills training.
  2. A dozen minutes of tempo around the course. Cutting the course is encouraged if you fall behind.
  3. Starts x 5. Roughly 60 seconds on and 2 minutes off.
  4. Barrier drills. The point is to get clipped and up to speed. Two barriers spaced enough to remount, hit the pedals a few times and dismount again. I usually do tempo (or just recover from starts) during this rather than the barrier drills.
  5. Intervals. We mix this up. This week we did (2 minutes + 4 minutes) x 3 with rest commensurate with work. We’ve done pyramids. Or all 3 minutes x 5. Again, cutting the course is encouraged. I’ll often start at the back (or near the back) to work on passing.
  6. Cone patrol.
  7. Barrel races. Put two big cones about 20 yards apart. Three people at a time race between the cones. The point is to try to make a pass. One minute on, one minute off. The distance is enough to get some speed but not so much as to be “dangerous.” I love this drill.
Afterwards, I feel about as spent as if I had done a race. We usually have 4-7 people each week and it definitely makes the mid-week workout a lot more fun.

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