In my last post, I talked about how I consider 2009 to be a fresh start — a mulligan, if you will. With that in mind, it might behoove me to come up with some goals for the year unfolding before our very eyes. I mean, here it is the 6th of January already and I’m still fat and slow. If I don’t get on the stick (ouch!), I’ll still be fat and slow come 2010.

The problem with listing a buch of goals in a public forum is that when one falls short of accomplishing them, there is a ripe opportunity for ridicule. Since there are currently 234,792 cyclocross related blogs out there to compete for readership, I’m sure that the number of loyal readers who might see my resolutions, actually remember what I said and then take the bold step to call me out on my loserness some 12 months hence is pretty low. I’ll guess it might be as many as zero. With that in mind, I’ll boldly state some things that I’ll actively avoid in the coming year. Yeah, wimpier than actual resulutions but I’m not sure they will be easier to accomplish.

  1. Have a stroke
  2. Eat myself into Jabba the Hut
  3. Drive my car to work all the time
  4. Open a business (myself or immediate family)
  5. Pick up a nasty intestinal bug (myself or immediate family)
  6. Be dissuaded by a little rain (snow and ice is a different story)
  7. Consider Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires in a 28 uncool

There is a start. I’m sure I can come up with more stuff as the year progresses.

2 Responses to “Things not to do”

  1. brian johnson says:

    Hey Brooke! Well, misery loves company.

    I joined up with in effort to get my fat self in shape for this year’s races (MTB and ‘cross). It felt weird. Like joining a health club or something.

    And fatties on a road bike? Awesome! I made the switch from 23’s to 25’s and love it. I don’t race on the road, so I guess that’s okay. But I have ridden 23’s ever since I got my bike in 1994. (Oops! Did I use my “out loud” voice?) The ride is much smoother and I don’t feel like I’m pushing donuts around.

    Have a good 2009!

  2. gewilli says:

    #7… those tires are the epitome of cool…

    it is just that those who don’t realize it aren’t as smart, as practical or as fast on their race wheels

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