I’ve been on the bike the last three days for lunch rides and I plan on riding again today. I’ve been taking it pretty easy and plan on continuing to do so for a good long time. I was off the bike for four weeks (except for one ride last week) and I expect that I’m not going to be going fast till the spring. At lunch I’ve been climbing up to Skyline via Thompson, Laidlaw/Thompson, and Springville and completing a loop on the way down.

Going up is no biggie. Going down is another matter. I can see where I’m going just fine but as any cyclist knows, it’s nice to keep track of what’s about to go under your wheel via peripheral vision — and I’ve got a problem with that. Again, this isn’t too much of a problem on straight descents. But throw in some curves it gets a little more interesting. I can see what’s coming but then I have to adjust my course and trust that I’m tracking correctly. See that patch of gravel? Okay, I know it’s there and how to steer through it. Then it’s gone as far as I can see. If I don’t hear the crunch I know that I managed to hold my line. Who knows, this might actually improve my descending quite a bit since it forces me to look farther down the road and plan my path in advance.

The bottom line is that I’m happy to be back out on the bike.

Trivia: On Monday, I got caught at the light at Thompson and Saltzman and saw a cyclist up the road about to dissappear around the curve. Crap. A rabbit. It was really difficult not to work a little harder to catch up. Luckily, he stayed far enough ahead so that I couldn’t see him around the turns. I resisted the urge to go faster but still caught him a few curves from the top. I came up on him quietly since I didn’t want him to speed up. Just as I was abreast and starting to say hello, he let a snot rocket fly on the left. He was embarrased and I was gracious.

Yesterday, Martin Baker waved from his car at the corner of Evergreen and 194th as I was finishing my ride. Hi Martin!

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  1. b rabbit says:

    Sorry about that snot shower Brooke. I was in the iPod zone and didn’t hear you stealthing up on me. Thanks for being gracious too, i don’t think most would have been so diplomatic after being doused with another’s slime…woops!!

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