Last week, I saw lots of people picked up the link to the New York Times cyclocross article. And people in the Portland area might have seen a piece about Saturday’s USGP event when they opened the Oregonian Sunday morning. While some may be excited about seeing our sport in the news, I’m unimpressed. Call me when they run these stories in the sports pages.

The article in the Oregonian ran on the front page of the Metro NW section and the Times piece ran in the travel section. It seems that non-cycling media consider cyclocross a lifestyle, not a sport. I understand that for many of us, cross is more along the lines of lifestyle. Racing enriches our lives and gets us out of the house on weekends in the Fall. However, there are elite athletes competing regularly and they don’t get a single mention in the sports section. I find it especially egregious that the local newspaper in bike crazy Portland couldn’t see fit to report on the national level racing out at PIR this past weekend.

I know that the past week was a busy one in Oregon sports. The paper had to dedicate at least 50 articles to the Civil War (Oregon-Oregon State college football game to the uninitiated) and Portland was host to the US’s first Davis Cup victory in years, not to mention high school football. But they can’t find the space to report on a national level cycling event? C’mon.

I sent the following email to the sports editor:

This past weekend, Portland played host to the final stop of the USGP of Cyclocross, a three weekend, six race series. Each day there was a full slate of racing with races catering to all skill levels, including juniors, and culminating in the men’s and women’s elite races. The elite races featured the best domestic cyclocross racers and had national championship and world championship ramifications. However, there was nary a peep about it in the sports pages of the Oregonian. I understand you had to publish 50 or so Civil War articles but it would have been nice if you could have spared a column for the USGP.

I did notice that there was a very nice article about the Saturday racing in the Metro NW section. However, it didn’t mention the elites and said nothing about results. While lifestyle articles are fun and interesting, I think the elite athletes deserve some recognition in the sports pages.

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  1. K-Man says:

    Not only print… how about television too?

  2. Brian Johnson says:

    Funny that– I pored over the Sunday sports section thinking “C’mon! It was the US-freakin-GP! In Portland! We’re biketown!” and finding nothing but football, football, football. Pffft. Actually, shouldn’t football belong in the lifestyle section? Ha!

    So yeah– the Oregonian’s total failure to cover such a big deal is pretty sad.

  3. MtMann says:


    Nice letter. I agree, glad to see af ine article on cross, but the lack of attention to the world class sporting event is a bit annoying. If you get a response back, will you make sure to post it here?

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