I snagged a bunch of photos of myself from Bob Libby’s excellent collection of race photos. If you can’t see the slide show, you can see the set here. It’s probably better to stop by Bob’s site though since you can really get a sense of the action. Check out the early races to see how the course fared over the race day.

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One Response to “Now this is mud”

  1. Mike says:

    Wow. Having been in the 11 am race, I don’t remember it being that soupy-ish and slick. For us, it was more like pancake batter. Not the thin Krusteaz stuff but the thick Bisquick type.
    Those holes in the mud…just before the pavement under the power lines, right? I think I created one or two of them when I went down in Lap 2. One second I was on the bike – the next, I was somersaulting off.
    Sounds like you had a pretty good year though. If I don’t run into you at the party, I’ll see you next season.

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