Okay, here’s a photo of me trying to clean up enough to get on some warm clothes after the Hillsboro race. Let’s set this up … I’d just raced for an hour in rain with lots of standing water and mud. I’m now squirting my legs with cold water while standing on cold pavement with no shoes on. Brrrrr. Oh yeah, take a look at the sod divots caught in my spokes. Once you get those wheels up to speed, they drive themselves ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cleaning up after Hillsboro

4 Responses to “Recipe for hypothermia”

  1. Patrick says:


    You gotta fill it with HOT H20 right before you leave for the venue. Then you’ve got a nice warm muddy shower, on cold pave……

  2. Anthony says:


    Did you do a bike change?

  3. Brooke says:

    Anthony, I never did a bike change. I wish I had someone pitting for me. I’d have taken an exchange each lap.

    Patrick, yeah, good idea. My team also brings a grill. I figure a pot of boiling water added to the contents of the sprayer would have been pretty nice too.

  4. stevef says:

    The sprayer would have been a great idea. Unfortunately mine had termite killer in it.

    My friend Scott had a $18 3x3x7 stand up changing tent from Wal-Mart that was surprisingly luxurious. It made changing much easier, it warmed quickly with just your own body heat because it was so small, and it kept out the wind and rain.

    I have never been that muddy.

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