And in flew Enza. By Wednesday of last week, something was up. On Thursday afternoon, I knew I was in pretty bad shape. My joints ached and I was running a temperature. I lay about Friday and most of Saturday and knew racing was out for Sunday.

Sunday’s course was Estacada which is one of my favorites — not that I ever race well there. To top it off, it was also the World Single Speed CX Championships with events on Saturday and Sunday. I missed the Saturday qualifiers but at least made it out to see the marquis events on Sunday. I brought my son (3) and daughter (6) along for company and they had a great time.

Rain had rolled through at the end of the week but the weather was great for the racing on both days. The ground was wet enough to make racing interesting and send everyone home with dirty bikes. I got to the Estacada Timber Park during the women’s races and found the team tent pretty quickly. There were lots of tents, spectators, and a great party atmosphere.

I ran into a bunch of racing pals before the A race and had to explain more than a few times that I was just getting over being sick and wouldn’t be racing. Dave Diviney is on the mend and he was hopeful that he would be able to race at Hillsboro next week. He’s got a sore hip and five sutures from his penultimate lap crash at Barton.

I watched the start of the A and Masters A races. I got a call up — my first as a 35+A, and I wasn’t able to take it. I don’t know if I’ll still be in the top fifteen next week so that might have been my only call up this year. Even though I wasn’t racing, I still got butterflies in my stomach prior to the gun.

Even though I would have much preferred racing, it was fun to watch the race develop from the outside. Also, Ryan Trebon, Barry Wickes, and Adam Craig were racing with the usual Cross Crusade A crowd. Ryan took it to the pack and lead for much of the race. Donald Reeb stuck with him for a lap or so and briefly took the lead after Trebon had trouble on a corner. Shannon Skerrit rode a great race to take second. Wickes was back a bit — since he was racing on a single speed. Of course, Adam Craig was also on a single speed and sporting an 80’s helmet. He finished 5th. In the 35+A race, John Bravard was super strong and gapped the field pretty quickly and never let it diminish. Hendricks and Bannick chased hard but couldn’t close down the gap.

The World SSCX race was a hoot. At the start, everyone lined up and then the officials told everyone to turn around. All the fast riders were now at the back and had to make their way through the whole field. However, it wasn’t long before Trebon and Wickes were at the front and being hounded by Carl Decker and Adam Craig. I don’t think Craig was taking the SS race seriously though since he kept on cutting the course to keep harassing Trebon and Wickes.

There were beer hand ups and a spot on the course where, if you took a tequila shot, you could cut the course. The results had Decker finishing fourth but I swear I saw him tooling around casually late in the race with a bag of pork rinds and a bottle of beer. Perhaps that was his cool down lap.

It was a fantastic day of racing and captured the very best that cyclocross has to offer.

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  1. K-Man says:

    Hahaha. Carl got hungry during the race so he went to his car and got some pork rinds. I got a beer for him so he was eating pork rinds and drinking beer while “racing”.

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