I’ve been perusing the cyclocross.info site once in a while. I don’t speak Dutch and the Babel Fish translation leaves something to be desired. So my interpretation of the articles may be somewhat off kilter.

The Sunweb-Pro Job team is having a big to-do this Saturday for the team, family, friends, sponsors, and fans. For just 15 euros (10 for kids), you can ride along with Sven Vanthourenhout, Tom Vannoppen, and Mario the Clercq (no mention of Jon Page), eat at the barbecue, and attend the big sponsor show — wonder if this lady is going to show up?

Since Sven V. is going to show, I assume that his surgery went well. Early this month, he apparently underwent surgery to repair a partially blocked artery in his abdomen. The artery was damaged in a crash two seasons ago and the healing process constricted the blood flow by about 25%. The artery in question supplies blood to one of his legs. The reduced flow is being blamed for his lack of punch last season.

Niels Albert fell in a kermesse back in July and broke his leg. He’s healing rapidly but that’s going to put him behind in this preparation for the coming season.

Lars Boom is going to concentrate on cross racing for at least two years. He’s looking to make a splash at Kalmthout on October 21 and has issued a warning to Wellens and Nys that he’ll be gunning for them come worlds.

Nys said goodbye to his Olympic ambitions and won’t seek to make the Belgian mountain bike team for Beijing 2008. Apparently, his constitution is not suited for hot weather (or so the medical testing has concluded).

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