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I’m out. Three races and I’m done. All that crap in my lungs this week? Well, it turns out I have pneumonia. Recovery is at least a week out and might be longer. By that time I’ll have been off the bike for 2-3 weeks with 2-3 weeks left until USGP. I suppose I’ll see how I feel as to whether to even attempt any of the final races of the season.

Can’t catch a break.

If the movie “Transitions” — you know, the cyclocross movie — taught me one thing it’s that cross racers appreciate another racer who whines about poor results caused by a series of bad luck and lousy preparation. So here’s some more whining. I think over in the UK it’s called whinging. In any event, prepare yourselves because my luck ain’t getting any better.

Back on Thursday, I was feeling okay and I was supposed to go out and do some intervals. So I did. After warming up, it started raining so I rode intervals in a steady light rain. I’ve done that before with fine results. Usually, I kind of like doing intervals in poor conditions since I don’t notice the weather so much. Towards the end of the fourth interval, I cracked. I think it was more psychological than physical. In any event, I regrouped and finished up my last two intervals with pretty good form and moved on.

Oh, I forgot to mention that prior to my interval session, I had rummaged through some unused cubes for a keyboard, mouse, and some cables. I stirred up a lot of dust and that was driving my sinuses crazy. So the severe dust exposure coupled with intervals in cool, moist air (temps around 45 degrees), left me with a pretty bad hack.

On Friday, I was feeling a tad under the weather. I thought I was just tired from the previous day’s workout and still affected by dust allergies. At noon, I was still trying to figure out whether I would ride or not. I decided to go with the understanding that I’d bail if I felt crappy. Once I got warmed up, I felt pretty good. I completed three fairly solid 10 minute over/unders and my legs felt crispy fried.

By Friday night I knew I was sick for sure. I was very tired and just wanted to lay down. Instead, I went out with my wife to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We didn’t do anything too taxing and it was nice to get out together without the kids. We ran into a friend I worked with at my previous job who I hadn’t seen in a long time. So we invited him to join us and had a fine sophisticated dinner conversation.

Saturday would have been a great day to lay around and be sick. Unfortunately, Sunday was Frost’s birthday party and I was supposed to get the house ready. Plus the kids were trick-or-treating that evening. I managed to get some cleaning done between laying comatose on the couch. While the kids went out to score goodies with Nicholette, I was roused periodically from my stupor by the doorbell to hand out candy. As soon as the kids got back, I went to bed.

Sunday came and we cancelled Frost’s party since I was in a bad way as was Finn (oldest son). I spent much of Sunday on my back and was generally supine on Monday as well. Yesterday and today have gone better but I’m still hacking away with bronchitis. I think I’m actually coughing less today so I might just get on the bike before next week.

We’ve rescheduled Frost’s party for this coming Sunday so racing PIR is out for me. It’s probably for the best since that will give me another week to allow my lungs to heal up. At this point, I’m only racing so I don’t forget how for next year.