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I’m fat again. Okay, not really fat but I’ve gained back about 15 of the 20 I lost last year. I’m pretty disappointed in myself but I’m ready to take control again. For that purpose, I’ve started another blog that’s all about my rather obsessive quest to drop the pounds (again). I figure that not all of my gentle readers want to hear the blow by blow and that’s why I’ve decided to offload that topic to another venue. Anyway, heres the link to Fatty. If you want to join in, stop on by.

Each year since I’ve been racing, I’ve fallen into a serious case of the blahs in the winter and/or spring. The first offseason, I took months to get going. The third, it took me almost six months to sort things out. This year it’s been kind of off and on for a while now but I’ve only had the deep blahs for the past five weeks. The weather is a significant contribution since it’s hard to get motivated to head out in the cold and rain for a bit of a spin. I don’t mind riding in the misty rain but we haven’t gotten much of that this year. The typical shower has been insistent and cold.

This year the rest of my life has intruded on my riding as well. My daughter is going to a school twenty minutes by car from home and my work. I am splitting commuting duties with my wife so I don’t have the luxury of the daily cycle commute anymore. The ride was only 20-24 minutes each way but through the winter, it was enough to keep some semblance of fitness. My wife is opening a yarn and fabric shop and I’ve been spending a lot of time painting and building bookshelves and cabinets for the shop — not to mention schlepping lots of heavy stuff around. The shop only carries natural fibers (no acrylics here) and has some lines of organic fibers too.

I tell myself that I really need to take it easy for a while each year. I make the argument that by losing some fitness I can achieve the panic that drives my training. I gently whisper that a little break from the saddle prevents burnout. But all of those rationalizations sound hollow when the legs are slow and the hills seem much steeper than they were in the Fall.

The weather has been terrible for much of the Spring but I keep hoping that warmer weather is just around the corner.

Are there any poetry fans out there? Perhaps you will recall that William Carlos Williams poem that he reportedly left for his wife where he apologizes without really apologizing at all. I was reminded of it by a recent “This American Life” episode and thought it would be fun to write a spoof. While it’s not cyclocross, it’s still cycling and topical.

This is just to say (from Boonen to Ballan and Cancellara)

I sprinted around you for the victory
Your legs had nothing left
Forgive me, the win inside the velodrome was amazing

Sven Nys is leaving Rabobank for Landbouwkrediet. Apparently, it’s not about the money. From the article at, he chose Landbouwkrediet for the total package even though it wasn’t the deal that offered the most money. I’m assuming that this means he gets to race the Beijing mountain bike race, try out some of the Spring Classics, and ride as many cyclocross races as he feels like in the Fall. The upshot is that come October, Nys, Boom, and Albert will all be racing for different teams. I can’t wait to see how the competition heats up.