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This training week is definitely scoring a yellow. On Wednesday, I left work at 4:00 and rode the Ride Around Clark County century route. From work to home was about 95 miles but counting my ride to work in the morning, I got a bit over 100 for the day. Anyway, that effort pretty much wrecked my training plan for the week. I haven’t run for four days and I blew off my cross practice on Tuesday to save my legs for Wednesday. I haven’t been able to reschedule my cross ride since I’m still recovering from the effort.

So for a bit of bravado — yeah, I can ride 100 miles — I wrecked my training week. Now I’m considering taking tomorrow off to fully rest and get back on plan. It would have been far better to have put in 50-60 and then kept on track for the rest of the week.

Tuesday 6/13: Rest. I really did need a day off so this was fine with the plan.

Wednesday 6/14: 5:55 (100 miles) commute (yellow). I felt pretty good the first three hours then started to feel the toll. After about an hour, in Hockinson, it started raining. I almost bailed but perservered and the shower quickly passed (~20 minutes). It started coming down again around Moulton Falls but lightened up to an off-and-on misting for most of the remaining ride. My butt got damp from road spray so I had some significant chafing concerns after about four hours. The conclusion is that I can ride a century but it’s best if I don’t really do one until I have a LOT more training in my legs.

Thursday 6/15: 1:20 commute (green). I should have run but there was no way I was going to be able to.

Friday 6/16: 1:20 commute (yellow). I should have definitely run this morning but I was still feeling the effects of Wednesday. My legs don’t have any ‘pop’ and my heart rate isn’t responding to hard efforts — definitely a signal for a rest day.

Last week was a very good week. I had 7:17 in the saddle and 2:29 running for a whopping 9:47 (rounding?) of training time for the week. Looking back at my calendar, that was my biggest week since the first week of October! I’ll definitely score last week as green.

Saturday 6/10: 1:30 ride pulling Lily and Frost in the Burley (green). The two of them combined are about 70 pounds, plus the weight of the trailer and diaper bag stuff, so it makes for quite an effort getting up some hills. There is one pretty steep quarter mile hill on the route I did where it takes all I’ve got — pulling up on the bars no less — to turn over the cranks. It’s a good strength workout I guess. I had intended on running but the ride more than made up for the lack of a run.

Sunday 6/11: 31 minute run, 58 minute ride (green). The run was great. I’m sure that two days rest from running over the past three had something to do with it. I used it as an opportunity to do some hill ‘sprints.’ Basically, I ran hard up some of the short hills in my neighborhood and recovered in between. I did 6 sprints in all. The ride consisted of me pulling Frost in the Burley when we went to the store. I took it easy and felt pretty good.

Monday 6/12: 29 minute run, 1:10 commute (green). My legs were feeling it after the sprints from yesterday so it took me a bit to warm up on my run. Not to mention that it started raining minutes before I headed out. Still, once I warmed up, I felt good — and finished my circuit pretty fast without really working hard. I took a longer (and flat) ride in to work this morning and will probably extend my ride home a bit to make the commute a bit over an hour. I’m riding at recovery speeds today.

I’m scheduled for a cross ride tomorrow morning but I’m up in the air about it. If Nicholette and the kids go to Cannon beach on Wednesday for the overnight, I hope to do a really long ride that evening. That means I’ll want to take it easy tomorrow.

Friday 6/9: 30 minute run, 30 minute ride, ~45 minute commute (green). The run felt good and the ride afterward felt okay. I’ll probably need a full day off soon.

The short track mtb series starts in a month so I’ll have to start doing a cyclocross workout at least once a week now. On those mornings, I won’t run. For now I’ll pull a day out of the hat and designate Tuesday as ‘cross’ day. There are six races (five on Monday evenings and the finale on a Sunday) and I’d like to hit four races. I’d feel pretty good to go to three of them though.

Next week Nicholette is taking the kids to the beach on a weeknight. I have the crazy idea to ride an unsupported century that evening. I’ll do the RACC route and may do the 65 mile route instead depending on the legs and will.

So far this week I’ve put in about eight and a quarter hours of training which consitutes the biggest volume week for me this year. I feel good about getting back into the swing but also feel lousy that it’s taken me until June to do so. Better late than never I suppose. I still have plenty of time to get prepared for the fall.

Yeserday I woke up and my legs felt a little tired from the resumption of real training. I ran and felt okay — just took a while to warm up. The ride after my run felt pretty good too. By the time I rode home from work I knew I needed to take it easy today. Today all I did was to commute.

I’ve also started doing some yoga and stretching on a fairly regular basis — at least for the past two weeks. I hope that pays some dividends in flexibility plus core strength.

Wednesday 6/7: 30 minute run, ride ~30 minutes, commute ~45 minutes (green). Like I said, I could feel the fatigue but still had pretty good legs.

Thursday 6/8: Commute ~45 mintes (green).

The plan for tomorrow and the weekend is:

Friday 6/9: 30 minute run, ride ~30 minutes, commute ~45 minutes.

Saturday 6/10: 30 minute run, ~45 minute ride.

Sunday 6/11: 30 minute run, ~30 minute ride.

I may have to use one of the weekend days for a full rest day with no running or riding. I’ll see how the legs feel. I’m hoping that taking it easy on the commute today will be good enough. I’ll keep the volume going through next week and then I’ll cut it down for a week since I’m doin three week cycles — two on, one off.

I spent two and a half days at the beach with the fam — including mom. Before we left on Thursday, I got in a run and short ride. On Friday morning I had a great run on the beach in the early morning and wish that I had felt up to doing the same on Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much sleep and I had scheduled Saturday as a rest day.

So the update:

Thursday 6/1 (vacation): 30 minute run, ride ~30 minutes (green)

Friday 6/2 (vacation): 45 minute run (green). Great run.

Saturday 6/3 (vacation): rest

Week in review: It was a really good week. I got started with serious training and had a couple really enjoyable sessions. I like the run/ride combo in the mornings and I expect that it will be pretty easy to maintain. I spent about 2 hours in the saddle and 2 hours 48 minutes running for a total of 4:48 of training time. Okay for the opening week plus the fact I was on vacation — score = green.

Sunday 6/4: 30 minute run, ride ~30 minutes (yellow). I had intended on doing 45 minutes on the bike but I didn’t get up quite early enough.

Monday 6/5: 30 minute run, commute ~53 minutes (green). The ride home from work included a 20 minute time trial as I tried to catch up with two of my coworkers who took a slightly shorter route than I did.

Tuesday 6/6: 30 minute run, ride ~30 minutes, commute ~45 minutes (green). This is the first day that I both ran and rode before breakfast as well as doing my commute. My legs felt pretty good during my morning ride — even after a pretty hard effort the evening before.

I’ve spent the past six months sleeping. After five years of sleep deprivation (two children), I started sleeping in rather than getting up early to get in my riding. Sleeping in got to be a habit and pretty soon six months slid on by.

If I’m going to race this fall, then it’s time to get off the couch. To this end, I plan on using this blog as my training journal. I’ll rate each day as green, yellow, or red depending on whether I managed to hit my goals. I’ll do the same for each week.

I’ve got a six month plan sketched out. The first two months (June and July) I will focus on getting prepared. I hesitate to call this base since I won’t be limiting this to lower intensity training. Since I have a limited number of hours to train, I’ll make the most of them by mixing in more intensity than usual during a base phase. I’ll still make sure to factor in plenty of recovery and I won’t be doing structured intervals. Lots of skills stuff mixed in while ‘goofing around.’

The second two months (August and September) I will focus on increasing intensity. I’ll start doing a variety of structured intervals which will also incorporate skills drills as well. I hope to get Bill, Dave and other willing teammates to do some simulated races.

The last two months I’ll race. Last season I found that a focused interval session every week anda focused skills/interval session every other week helped me to build through the season. I hope to duplicate that building this year as well so that I can peak for the last three races of the season — district championships and the two USGP races.

So right now my plan is to start running again and continue ride to work for the next two weeks (actually counting this week). Then I’ll shorten up the weekday runs to ~20 minutes and also ride immediately after (mostly road by sometimes cross) and also commute to work.

So the review so far and the immediate plan:

Saturday 5/27: 30 minute run (green)
Sunday 5/28:
30 minute run(green)
Monday 5/29: rest (green)
Tuesday 5/30: 30 minute run, commute ~45 minutes (green)
Wednesday 5/31: 30 minute run, commute ~45 minutes (green)

Thursday 6/1 (vacation): 30 minute run, ride ~30 minutes (tba)
Friday 6/2 (vacation): 30 minute run (tba)
Saturday 6/3 (vacation): rest
Sunday 6/4: 30 minute run, ride ~45 minutes (tba)