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Let’s check the Crosscheck index. I’ve looked around and there just aren’t a lot of Crosschecks out there. I’m not sure whether this is indicative of a cyclocross apocalypse or a rennaisance. Let’s face it, the Crosscheck is a heavy steel bike that marketed as “do-it-all” machines that still performs well for the occasional race. The reality is that the bike is a conflicting mashup of compromises, a jack-of-no-trades, it you will. The average rider wants to ride it to the coffee shop yet be seen as a hard man who races in bone chilling rain and mud.

This first listing is from the Portland, OR craigslist.

2007 Surly Cross-Check 62 cm w/ only 600 miles – $600 (Clackamas)
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Date: 2008-05-18, 6:33PM PDT2007 Surly Cross-Check complete in excellent condition, 62 cm with only 600 miles. Commuting gear–Topeak rack and trunk bag, Ortleib panniers. $700 for all, $600 for bike only.


Clearly, this guy has decided that the cross mistique was working for him and he might as well ditch the Crosscheck and buy the Long Haul Trucker he should have bought the first time around. The fact that he thinks he’s going to get six hundred bucks bodes well for cyclocross. Obviously he is banking on the strong allure of riding in bumpy cirlces in poor weather. Some freakishly tall dude is gonna see this listing and have an epiphany — “Cross! Yeah, chicks will dig it!”

Here’s another craiglslist ad, this time frmo NYC.

Surly Crosscheck 56cm road/touring/city bike – $1000 (Midtown)
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Date: 2008-05-17, 7:38PM EDTUp for sale is my grey Crosscheck. Check out for the geomoetry and more info if you’re not familiar with this bike. The frame/fork are about a year old. It’s set up as more of a long distance road/touring bike at the moment. Ritchey cranks, stem, seatpost, headset and bars. Handbuilt Mavic wheelset. Panaracer tires. SKS fenders. Salsa cross levers. Tektro brakes. I can include a Tubus Logo rack for $75.Cyclocross looks really strong in NYC. A grand for a slightly more than stock Crosscheck and the rack is extra. And he’s so confident about the listing he doesn’t even include a picture.

With a CCI (Crosscheck Index) of 600 in Portland and a whopping 1000 in NCY, cross is looking strong. However, I’d like to introduce a note of caution: both of these ads featured the Crosscheck as a touring bike. It looks like the days of selling these bikes as raceable cross bikes is coming to an end. The sellers are probably quaking in fear that potential buyers might check out the Surly site and discover the LHT.

I also noticed another indication that cross may be in danger of jumping the shark. It seems that some east coast copycat blogger — some dude who disses just about everything — just wrote this suck-up piece in a PRINT MAG about cross not being in danger of jumping the shark. A blogger writing for print? That’s just sucking up to the man.┬áTalk about jumping the shark.