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Is anyone getting tired of complaining about the weather here in the Northwest? I’m not. On Tuesday I went for a ride in the middle of the day. The hour was pretty nice — fairly dry roads, no precip falling from the sky, and light wind. But with about a half hour to go, the wind gusted and the sky let loose. I was heading down a longish gentle descent and I started to feel the characteristic stinging of graupel on my face. Yeah, that’s right, that crap most of you call hail is really graupel. Graupel is a snowflake coated with rime ice, typically measuring 2-5 mm, and hurts like hell when a swarm slams into your face at thirty miles per.

I took shelter under a convenient fir and waited out the worst of the pellets. When they diminished substantially in size, I soldiered on in a steady hard rain that soaked me through. With only a mile or two to go, the sun broke through and I managed to get a little toasty warm (except for my icy feet and hands) before hitting the showers.